Personalized Cobranding

Co-Branding – Kids Training Boxing Gloves

  • Add your club’s logo
  • Dimensions of the club logo:
  • maximum 6 oz gloves, 5 cm wide by 5 cm high
  • An adjustable wrist strap
  • with Velcro
    made from leather

Using Customized Cobranding On the back of the hand, add your club’s trademark or emblem. The graphic shows the specified logo area, which has a maximum logo size of 5 cm wide by 5 cm high. The glove wrist strap is imprinted with a 5 cm wide logo.

Custom Kids Training Boxing

We can give you a price if you complete all the fields on our form and submit a high-resolution copy of your logo. After a few months of receiving confirmation of the quote, we will move forward with your order and send your personalised cobranding equipment to you.

Order Quantities

This item has a minimum order quantity of 100.

Ordering Process

By completing all details on our form and uploading a high-resolution version of your logo, we will be able to provide you with a quote. Once the quote is confirmed, we will proceed with your order and your Personalized Cobranding equipment will be delivered to you within a few months.

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