Ben Sports Elastic Shin & Instep Pads

  • Padded elasticated slip on shin and instep pads
  • Cushioned padded protective outer
  • Towelling inner ensures comfort
  • Ideal for all types of martial arts
  • Sold in pairs
  • CE Approved


These padded guards provide crucial protection for your shins and insteps during martial arts training. The elastic bands securely fasten the pads around your lower legs for a fitted yet comfortable feel, simply slipping them on and off with ease.

Sold as a pair – one for each leg – these lightweight guards feature plush padding that absorbs the force of kicks to help prevent bruising and injury to your shins and top of feet. The elastic bands stretch to fit a wide range of leg sizes and stay securely in place during even the most strenuous training routines.

Ideal for use in all styles of martial arts that involve kicking techniques, including taekwondo, karate, kickboxing and more. Slip these on before every practice and match to train with confidence, knowing your shins and feet have extra cushioning and impact protection.


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