Ben Sports Personalised Student Belt – Premade Korean

Add a Korean design to your Martial Arts belt
Allows students to add a personal touch
Select one thread colour from our collection
Eight plain coloured belt colours available
High quality embroidery services

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Our Personalized Premade Korean belts are a fantastic way for aspiring martial artists to add a personal touch to their belts as they progress through their belt grades.

With our Premade Martial Arts Design options, you can showcase your martial arts achievements by selecting one thread color from our collection and one of the eight plain colored belt options available. As the belt does not have a backing, the embroidery will be visible.

Please note that the embroidery can be up to 25cm long, measured from the ends of the belt. It’s important to leave enough space when tying the belt to avoid hiding the embroidery.

Crafted with high-quality stitching for durability and easy tying, this 4.5cm wide belt is made specifically for you and can only be returned if it does not match the approved special request or the item description. However, your statutory rights remain unaffected.

If you have any special design requests or questions about your order, please contact our Personalized team before placing your order.


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