Our latest collection of high-quality and affordable yoga equipment is designed to encourage relaxation and reduce stress. The word yoga implies ‘to join’ or ‘to yoke together’. It brings your mind and body together, and is developed on the three primary elements of exercise, breathing, and meditation. This results in the boost of physical and mental well-being.

Physical benefits of yoga include increased flexibility, enhanced muscle strength, cardio and circulatory health, weight reduction, improved athletic performance, and protection from the risk of injury – just a few of the many advantages that are ideal for a multitude of Martial Arts, sports, and fitness training.

To raise the intensity of your yoga or fitness workout, consider adding extra weights or further resistance with accessories from Ben Sports fitness range. Our selection of weights, resistance bands, and other equipment can help you maximize your training and achieve your fitness goals. Browse our collection of yoga equipment and fitness accessories to find the right tools for your training needs.

  • Ben Sports Hi-Density Yoga BlockBen Sports Hi-Density Yoga Block Quick View
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    • Ben Sports Wrist Weights

    • Designed to add extra weight to your workout For muscle building, fat burning and core strength Tone and strengthen your upper body Thumb loop and adjustable Velcro fastening Soft neoprene with a weighted filling
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