At ben sports, we are Pakistan’s number one supplier of Ninjutsu uniforms, suits, footwear, and training aids. Ninjutsu is an ancient Japanese martial art that was originally developed as a technique to confuse and overtake an opponent in guerrilla warfare and espionage. Today, it is slowly but surely gaining popularity in the world of martial arts.

Ninjutsu training includes mastering the art of stealth, sabotage, and camouflage. The Ninjutsu uniform covers the full body, including the head, hands, and face, making the ninja unidentifiable and easily overlooked at night. Techniques of disguise, infiltration, escape, free running, unarmed combat, archery, weapon-throwing, spear and sword skills, and more are also taught in Ninjutsu.

As with most martial arts, the highest achievable level in Ninjutsu is the Shodan or 1st Dan, which represents the black belt. Achieving the black belt usually takes at least 12 years of training and dedication. To pass the Ninjutsu black belt test, ninjas need to master all combat stances, movement and evasion techniques, striking and punching techniques, stick, chain, and knife techniques, and more.

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