we offer a comprehensive selection of Kuk Sool Won belts in all grading colors and a variety of sizes suitable for practitioners of every rank and age. Our belts are designed to complement your uniform and complete your training kit.

The Kuk Sool Won belt system is structured to reflect the progression of a practitioner’s skills and knowledge. To advance to Black Belt, students must learn and memorize more than 200 techniques.

The belt colors and their corresponding meanings are as follows:

  • White (Huin Di) – Fitness
  • Yellow (No-Rahng Tti) – Concentration
  • Blue (Cheoung Tti) – Right attitude
  • Red (Hong Tti) – Perseverance
  • Brown (Ja Tti) – Self-control
  • Brown with 2 black stripes (Dahn Bo Nim) – Indomitable Spirit
  • Black – Modesty

All ranks from White Belt to Brown Belt have a color stripe in between each solid color rank. The curriculum between each rank is split in half with a striped belt to recognize your effort.

At Ringpowerind, you can find the belt that corresponds to your level of mastery and join the ranks of Kuk Sool Won practitioners worldwide.