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At Ben Sports, we offer a comprehensive selection of Judo belts that covers every grading color and a variety of sizes to cater to Judokas of every rank and age. Whether you’re a novice Mudansha or an advanced Yūdansha, we have the right belt for you.

The Judo belt system is divided into two broad categories: Mudansha and Yūdansha. Mudansha are Judokas who have not yet attained the black belt level of competency and hold kyū grades, which are divided into six distinct levels. Yūdansha, on the other hand, are those who have earned the black belt level of competency and hold dan grades, which are divided into eleven distinct levels.

Novice Mudansha wear light blue, white, purple, or brown belts, while more advanced Yūdansha wear red and black belts with various white stripes to indicate their exact grade. The traditional Judo belt ranks were introduced by Kanō Jigorō, the founder of Judo, in 1882.

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