At Ben Sports, we understand the importance of safety when it comes to Martial Arts training, especially for children. That’s why our selection of kid’s training aids is designed to serve a double duty of being useful and authentic while also being safe to use.

Our kid’s training aids are made from rigid PVC and flexible foam padding, allowing children to safely practice full-contact sparring or new Martial Arts skills. The heavy-duty foam allows for full speed, full-contact training activities without damaging equipment or their training partner, while the soft and smooth surface eliminates abrasion or chafing.

In addition to our kid’s training aids, we also offer a range of kid’s protection gear, including pads and shields, designed to provide the ultimate protection and safety during Martial Arts training and competition. Our collection is designed to help children develop their skills while staying safe and injury-free.

Browse our selection of kid’s training aids, protection gear, and pads and shields to find the right tools to enhance your child’s training and help them achieve their full potential in Martial Arts.