At Ben Sports, we prioritize safety in Martial Arts training, especially for children. That’s why we offer a selection of affordable and high-quality kid’s pads and shields to ensure your child is well protected from injury.

Our pads and shields are available in a variety of shapes and sizes, designed to help children develop their Martial Arts techniques, speed work, and coordination. They are an essential piece of training equipment and are designed to withstand countless workout sessions and power drills.

In addition to pads and shields, we also offer a range of kid’s gloves, hand wraps, and elastic pads to protect your child’s hands and minimize the risk of sprains and injuries. Our collection is designed to provide the ultimate protection and safety for your child during Martial Arts training and competition.

Browse our selection of kid’s pads, shields, gloves, hand wraps, and elastic pads to find the right tools to enhance your child’s training and help them achieve their full potential in Martial Arts.