Ben Sports Personalised Student Belt – One End

Personalise one end of your student belt
Add your text in English Script on the plain end
The text limit is 16 characters (including spaces)
Select one thread color from our collection
Eight belt colours are available


Looking to make your student Martial Arts belt stand out? Personalise one end by embroidering your name, the date you first began training, your club name, or any other chosen text in English script on the plain end.

You can select one thread color from our collection, and the belt will not have a backing, so the embroidery will show through. This is also a great idea for younger students in case they lose their belts!

The character limit for English script is 16 characters, including letters, numbers, and spaces. The belt is 4.5cm wide and features high-quality stitching for extreme durability and easy tying.

Please note that this item is made especially for you and can only be returned if it does not meet the approved special request or fit the description. However, this will not affect your statutory rights.

If you have any special requests or questions regarding your design, please contact our Personalised team before placing your order.


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