Ben Sports Wooden Hanbo Staff

  • Held at one end and swung like a sword
  • Held in the middle to strike and block
  • 100cm long and 2.5cm in diameter
  • Red weighs 310g
  • White weighs 485g


Although not a conventional tool used in Aikido, the Hanbo is a versatile and effective training aid for practicing shomen or yokomen training strikes from a mid-distance. As a result, it is widely used in self-defense Aikido classes.

The Hanbo can be held at one end and swung like a katana or kendo sword, or held in the middle like a staff for striking and blocking from either end. This smooth, lightweight, and durable wood is ideal for practicing various martial arts techniques. Measuring 100cm in length, it maintains a consistent 2.5cm diameter thickness throughout its entire length.

Available in red (310g) or white (485g), this Hanbo is easy to wipe clean before and after use, maintaining its cleanliness and hygiene. Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced martial artist, this Hanbo is an excellent training tool to help you improve your skills and technique.


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