Ben Sports Training Inner Gloves

  • Can be worn under Boxing gloves or on their own
  • Great alternative option to hand wraps
  • Features a thumb hole and separate finger slots
  • Extra long wrap around wrist strap for precise fit
  • Made from Nylon with elastic


The Ben Sports Training Inner Gloves are a convenient and protective alternative to hand wraps when being worn under boxing gloves or for light boxing workouts. These gloves provide additional protection to the knuckles, tendons, and soft tissues of the hand when striking and defending.

Made from nylon with elastic, the inner gloves feature a thumb hole and separate finger slots to effectively support the whole hand. The extra-long wrap-around wrist strap with Velcro fastening ensures a precise fit and further support, minimising unnecessary sprains and injuries.

Wearing these inner gloves inside boxing gloves leaves little space, offering a strong and firm grip when training or competing. The gloves are also great for reducing abrasion, cuts, and blisters during training.

Whether you’re a professional fighter or just starting out, the Ben Sports Training Inner Gloves are the ultimate choice for anyone looking for reliable, comfortable, and protective inner gloves during training. These gloves provide the necessary protection and support, ensuring that you can focus on perfecting your technique without worrying about injuries.


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