Freestanding Nemesis Bag – Ben Sports

  • Portable freestanding punch bag
  • 360º accessibility for cardio and agility training
  • Complete with body, inner tube, base and fixings
  • 1.8m tall and 117kg ballast when filled with water
  • Aerated foam encased with vinyl cover


The Freestanding Nemesis Bag is a versatile and durable training tool suitable for indoor and outdoor use. This bag provides a great workout, incorporating full 360° accessibility for cardio and agility training, which helps to improve coordination and reflexes while burning calories.

Standing at 1.8m (6ft) tall, the Freestanding Nemesis Bag features a main central chamber consisting of high-density aerated foam encased within a tough webbed vinyl cover. The base, when filled with dry sand or water, creates a ballast of 117kg and withstands even the hardest of strikes with minimal movement.

The Freestanding Nemesis Bag comes complete with body, inner tube, base, and fixings. The upper section weighs 10kg, while the base unfilled weighs 7kg. When filled with sand or water, the base weighs approximately 107kg, resulting in a total weight of 117kg.

This bag is easy to wipe clean before and after use, ensuring that it remains hygienic and ready for use during every training session.

Overall, the Freestanding Nemesis Bag is an excellent choice for anyone looking for a versatile and durable training tool. It provides the necessary support and resistance, ensuring that fighters can focus on perfecting their technique and achieving their fitness goals.


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