Multi Kick & Punch – Ben Sports

  • 4 adjustable numbered target paddles
  • Each paddle can be moved in height and angle
  • Perfect for speed and coordination drills
  • Base to be filled with water/sand for stability
  • Dimensions: 170cm high / 52cm length paddles


The Adjustable Speed and Agility Training Pole is an essential piece of equipment for martial arts dojos or gyms. This training pole features four adjustable flexible paddles that test your speed and coordination to the max.

The central pole can easily be adjusted to cater to most heights, and each paddle can be manoeuvred and adjusted in different directions. The paddles are covered and numbered from 1 to 7, providing a range of training options for the user.

The base of the Adjustable Speed and Agility Training Pole can be filled with water or sand (not both mixed together) to ensure stability of the product during training. The pole stands at 170cm in height, while each paddle is 52cm in length.

The Adjustable Speed and Agility Training Pole comes complete with a wrench, allen key, and instructions, ensuring that the user can easily set up and use the equipment.

Overall, the Adjustable Speed and Agility Training Pole is an excellent choice for anyone looking to improve their speed and coordination during martial arts training. It provides the necessary support and resistance, ensuring that fighters can focus on perfecting their technique and achieving their fitness goals.


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